ChoiceOne EHR was founded in 2008 by long time veterans of the medical practice administration and medical billing industry. Because ChoiceOne EHR Inc. was first found to build medical software to be used in the clinics internally, the people in the medical field participated from the designing phase and our engineers deeply incorporated with the practitioners to implement every feature that will help our users. And now with certified EHR and more features, enhanced security system and simplified office protocols, we will help you to save time, reduce administration expenses and provide better medical service to your patients.

ChoiceOne EHR offers a lucrative referral program to those who do not want to engage in direct training and implementation with clients. With this program you can receive maximum benefit without the responsibility (maybe hassle) of starting up and maintaining a full staff of employees and other business related expenses. This is a great opportunity for medical, IT and consulting businesses to sell to their existing clients. Simply refer a client to us and we will take over from there and you will receive a generous referral fee.


I will be retiring soon and I wish I had this technology 10 years ago!!
- J. Brown P.T.

My office Staff likes it. My IPA likes it. I like it. Thank you!
- D. Lee, Kernel Medical Center

If I have to choose one feature that I like the most is “Diagnostic and Surgical reports”. And it fits right into our work flow. I order the test, Technician carry out the test, fill out the test result (with our office form), I would receive my test back and sits in my task box for me to review and sign. The best part was we didn’t have to use some template that someone made. It was our office form that was fixed into the system. Good!
- F. Tran. M.D.