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Our variety of products are designed to
increase productivity and efficiency
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Intergration and

Intergration and Workflow are key components
to a solid EHR. ChoiceOne EHR delivers both
Integration and Workflow through innovative design.

Save Time,
No More Paper.

It takes time to organize and find paper charts.
ChoiceOne EHR allows Providers to organize
and pull out charts quickly and efficiently.

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Please take advantage of our low cost EHR, low cost complete EMR solution, today!

Based on innovative technology using the Pareto principle, ChoiceOne EHR gives you a solution that will integrate with your practice flawlessly and simplify both your data security and administration overhead cost. Our EHR was designed to reduce the time necessary to integrate with your office practice

With our EHR system, you may find an improved overall medical environment, maximized ability to communicate with your patients, and better collaboration between staff that will save you time and money. With our CCHIT certified EHR system, we will walk you through how you can enroll in the EHR Incentive Program, Physician Quality Reporting System Incentive Program, and Electronic Prescribing Incentive Program to receive your incentives.

    Our EHR Features

  • Comprehensive Reporting and Automatic Claim Submissions helps providers to take care of paperwork swiftly and increases the efficiency of the workflow at an office. These features allow doctors...
  • Electronic Remittance Advice and Automated Patient Statements allow doctors to effectively communicate with patients and take care of their needs. This helps to...
  • Internal Messaging and User Management inside of the EHR increases the coordination of health care. These features allow providers to communicate efficiently inside the...

    Our Services

  • ChoiceOne EHR data migration service will provide you with most cost effective way to import data from a source system to our EHR system...
  • One of the greatest challenges in effectively implementing EHRs into healthcare practice and settings such as clinics and hospitals has been the need to effectively (and safely) integrate this type of technology with the many other devices...
  • One of the challenges many face in using EHR is, compatibility with their current workflows of practice. The ability for an EHR to be customized to your practice’s specific needs is...