• EHR - Electronic Record

    ChoiceOne EHR has designed and developed a system to streamline and eliminate duplication of data entry and minimize time spent performing clerical duties...

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  • PMS - Practice Management

    ChoiceOne EHR’s Practice Management System (PMS) Interface Solution completes the payment process, financial and billing solutions were designed to...

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  • ACO - ACO Management

    The task of starting up and managing an ACO is difficult, but ChoiceOne’s ACO Management Software makes the experience simpler...

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ChoiceOne PHR

ChoiceOne PHR - Free Patient Health Portal

To achieve meaningful use and your organization must implement technology that empowers patients to take a more active role in their healthcare. And we offer a completely integrated solution that brings all the different individuals: the patients, the physicians, the staff members and referring physicians, onto one centralized secure web based system and can share much important information about patient’s condition.

Allergy List

Provides a comprehensive, electronic list of a patient’s allergies and allows any related content on your website to be automatically displayed.

Discharge Instructions/Clinical Summaries

Stores an electronic copy of discharge instructions and clinical summaries, allowing patients to review the information and better adhere to orders and regimens.

Encounter History

Tracks important information from previous appointments and allows patients to easily retrieve details when needed.

Immunization List

Provides a secure place to store immunization charts and track when new immunizations are needed. Every parent knows it's difficult keep track of their child's immunization records. The list can be printed from the site.

Lab Results

Allow patients to securely access and review lab results electronically, at their convenience, as many times as they wish. Also allows you to display related content from third-party libraries.

Medication List

Provides a comprehensive list of all a patient's medications and allows any related content on your website to be automatically displayed. The medications are available in a central place and the list can be printed whenever it's needed.

Medical Problem List

Provides comprehensive electronic listings of all the patients’ health problems and forms a hub for communication between providers and patients about treatment and disease management.

ChoiceOne PHR allows patients to log in using a secure password to view their personal health information, diagnostic data, medical records, lab results, statements and messages. It enables physicians and patients to communicate with each other easily and securely online.