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    ChoiceOne EHR has designed and developed a system to streamline and eliminate duplication of data entry and minimize time spent performing clerical duties...

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    To achieve meaningful use and your organization must implement technology that empowers patients to take a more active role in their healthcare...

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ChoiceOne ACO Management Software - HealthGate

Enhance ACO Management with HealthGate

The task of starting up and managing an ACO is difficult, but ChoiceOne’s ACO Management Software makes the experience simpler. Our ACO Management Software helps new ACO’s to build a solid base to start up on, and allows both existing and new ACOs to efficiently direct and manage their ACO by increasing the performance of information flow. Our HealthGate is made to support the ACO model by helping providers give coordinated high quality care to their Medicare patients. HealthGate is designed to manage ACOs efficiently with many practical features.

Practical Features

HealthGate comes with a vast amount of features such as:
  • Measure Data Collection
  • GPRO
  • Population Health
  • Individual User ID and Password
  • Training Avaiable with Manual and References
  • Full Report
  • Real-time Uploading & Downloading from HPMS
  • Disease Management
  • Case Management
  • Performance Management
  • Interoperability

  • Intelligent Software Design

    HealthGate is web-based and designed specifically to help practices to effectively manage their entire population. Our management software helps physicians
    • To keep track of patient populations in an efficient manner
    • To reach out to patients that need services
    • To enhance the properties of their current EHR system
    • To reduce the burden of tedious routine care management work.
    • GRPO Integration

      HealthGate is built with GPRO integration. This built-in integration allows providers to easily upload quality measure data to GPRO through HealthGate. HealthGate makes GPRO data submission quick and simple.